Types Of STD Virus And Treatments

When you happen to change partners frequently or have unprotected sex, then it may result in HIV infection leading to an incurable disease called AIDS and many other sexually transmitted diseases.

STDs can be cured when diagnosed at an early stage through LA STD testing, and the advanced ones can be maintained under control with the necessary treatment. You can learn about the different signs and symptoms of the common STDs in both men and women through http://healthline.com/

All you have to do is start with the treatment at the right time and should be educated in understanding the symptoms, consult a doctor and proceed with the necessary treatment.

This is a type of sexually transmitted disease, which is caused by an organism called Trichomonas vaginitis. The probability of women getting affected is more when compared to that of men, but there is a possibility of men getting infected through sexual contact.

Some of the common symptoms of this disease are a pain while urinating, genital area irritation and discomfort during intercourse. Since these symptoms are pretty generic, you should consult a doctor to do a physical assessment and undergo lab testing. To treat this disease doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

Human Papillomavirus
This virus is known to affect the genital area, and if the immune system is weak, these virus may lead to warts and eventually leads to potentially harmful changes. HPV is of different types and type 6,11 causes genital warts. This virus affects both men and women and spreads through either contact with the skin which is infected and through mucous membranes. The major complication, when affected by this virus, is a possibility of cancer in cervix who are infected by HPV risk types(16,18,31..)

One of the common symptoms of this virus is genital warts which are skin growths that grow due to type 6,11 HPV. Sometimes you may get infected and be a virus carrier even without having any symptoms.

In case of no genital warts the doctor will proceed with a gynecological examination or detailed examination of the cervix and also perform pap smear test if the doctor suspects HPV infection with the sample collected from the cervix.

The only treatment for the genital warts os to remove the growth which is done successfully in most cases but there are no medicines till date to get rid of HPV virus on the whole. Sometimes even without any treatment, the body overcomes the virus.

Syphilis, when not treated at the right time, may lead to nervous system damage, brain, heart and may even lead to death. The virus usually spread through sex. Some of the symptoms include sores that are painless which pop up at the site where the bacteria initially entered the body, rash. In some cases, you cannot notice any symptoms at all.

The preferred treatment for syphilis is Penicillin. To prevent bacteria from spreading and to avoid damage to other organs. There are simple blood tests available which will confirm the presence of infection in your body.

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