Bored Of Commercials And Annoyed With Missed TV Shows? Get A DVR Today!

It may be hard for the generation of today to believe that there was a time when if you wish to watch a TV show, then you had to arrange your activities to accommodate it. Else, if you missed it when it was broadcasted, there was no other way to watch it again. You had to hope and reverently pray that it gets re-telecasted. Else you had to contend yourself having to listen to the dramatic narration of the episode from your buddy.

With the advent of DVRs or Digital Video Recorders, you can watch your favorite TV show at your convenience. There are even options where you don’t even require a cable connection. You can cut the cord by using a DVR without Subscription Hub. With DVR you can schedule your TV shows to suit your time instead of doing it the other way. If you think that Television is past its prime with the advent of the internet and other digital media, then you are wrong. The national statistics of television watching proves that people still look up to the box for in-house entertainment,

Should you Cut the Cord?
In several cases, people use a DVR instead of a cable box. The best feature of a DVR is that you can enjoy your favorite shows without a satellite cable connection. The newer models of DVRs come equipped with a Cable Card. This card gives you access to all digital channels provided by the cable. Just insert the card into the particular slot and you are all set to go. The high-end DVRs even have the option to stream directly from Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. Unlike using a VHS for recording TV shows, recording on a DVR is a breeze. Most DVRs have the option to record automatically. This is of great use when you have forgotten to record a particular show.

The Physical Makeup of a DVR
DVRs generally have internal hard drives that help you to record shows directly on the drive. You have even options to select and record only the shows that you want and so on. This way the hard drive doesn’t get dumped with shows that you don’t watch or shows that you have already seen. Though DVRs typically have plenty of internal storage you also have the option to further expand the memory with the help of external SATA ports. You can just plug in an external hard drive with the help of the external USB port.

You are the Master of your TV with a DVR
Many of us would have faced the situation where we had to watch endless commercials just to catch a few minutes of our favorite TV show. Forget all that with a DVR. A DVR gives you complete control over live TV. You can pause, replay and even skip those annoying commercials with a DVR.

So what are you waiting for? Take your television watching to the next level with the help of the best DVR in town.

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