A Genius Diet For Wholesome Health

With abounding stress, it is essential to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. The 21 Day Fix program is one such intriguing workout plan that features a mastermind nutrition regime too. The importance of a good diet has been appropriately recognized by the 21 Day Fix program. For any weight loss program, both a physical workout and a proper diet contribute to a healthy weight loss. The 21 Day Fix Reviews designate the ideal attributes of the program. As per the data revealed through the portals of http://www.worldobesity.org/resources/world-map-obesity/ obesity is found to expand its horizons across the globe. With obesity growing at such stronger rates, it warrants the need for a wholesome health.

Features of a good diet plan
A virtuous diet plan should focus on all-around health by incorporating a balanced diet that contains all essential nutrients in equal proportions. Dieting does not refer to the practice of a crazy fad diet that just incorporates vegetables. A healthy mix of food adds to the motivation factor to follow a diet plan with utmost enjoyment. A good diet plan should replace the junks. A healthier snack in an interesting format exchanges the junk as well as revs up the journey to weight loss. At the same time, a rigorous diet plan is hard to practice. A good diet plan should avoid monotony and add variety in foods as much possible.

The color-coded motivating diet
Considering the importance of a good diet for weight loss, the 21 Day Fix program arrives at a color-coded diet plan. This diet plan is indeed fascinating as it allows to shape your meals in a better way. The color codes add to the motivation factor. The 21 Day Fix program features a set of color-coded containers in different sizes. The sizes of the container indicate your portion size and the color describes the category of the food. The prefixed portion controls through the appropriately sized containers allows you to eat the right amount of food every time. The aptly portioned containers fix your calories for the day.

The 21 Day Fix program offers a package of color-coded containers. The green container represents vegetables while purple represents fruits. Similarly, the yellow container is for carbohydrates, red represents proteins and blue for healthy fats. The two orange containers in the 21 Day Fix program represents the various seeds and dressings. Thus, there is a total of seven containers in six diverse sizes and colors along with a shaker cup to mix healthy drinks. Make sure to fill the container with the respective food groups. The color-coded officially recommended containers are BPA and DEHP free. The containers are dishwasher safe and can be used in a microwave too.

After getting your set of color-coded portion controlled containers ready, it is time to arrive at the target calories that you should consume. The 21 Day Fix program features a set of target calories. It can be customized based on your individual requirements. This genius diet plan arrives at the right number of calories and portions them accordingly into different sized color-coded containers. It is now time to experiment this fascinating 21 Day Fix program.

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